Fish Guts, a Haiku

December 2017

Slippery fish slide

Down the hatch our children go,

Art experienced.

This was the one that almost got away.  If not for Jonah’s keen eyes, this fish might not have been ours, if only for a half-hour.

The kids found the stage at Pioneer Park in La Conner, WA, sun shining through the dense Douglas Firs along Skagit River’s Swinomish Channel, and they seized the opportunity. Performing spontaneous stick-twirling and comedy acts, solo dance moves with a bout of stage fright, our children imagined themselves in the spotlight.

“Look at me, Mom! Dad! Watch this!” They called out to us in the otherwise unoccupied wooden amphitheater seats. We scored free seats to their show, and they took turns captivating our attention and winning our hearts, if just for a moment. They won’t stay this small forever. 

Beyond the stage, the nature-based mural art along the trail under Rainbow Bridge invited us in for a closer look. Down the stairs and across the street, at the water’s edge, a giant fish stood at attention. 

“Look, Mom, Dad! A fish! It looks open at the bottom!” Jonah said. “Like it’s a playground. I think it’s a slide!”

He was right. Opened recently in July 2017, and built by artist Tom Jay, the 13-foot-long salmon slide entertained our kids repeatedly for a half-hour. I must admit, it was a funny sight, seeing our children climbing into a fish mouth and exiting the bottom. It was a slick ride, too! Recycled rubber chips rested at the end, offering a cushy fall for the ferocious slider and crazy kids like ours. We walked away, intact and satisfied. What’s more fun than functional art?

Nearby, the waterfront downtown of La Conner features art in nearly every shop and museum. A pedestrian-friendly destination with enticing storefronts, unique boutiques, galleries, old-fashioned ice cream, and an accessible tourist dock, it’s an epicenter of cool for dating couples, family day trips, grandparent visits, and outings with friends.

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Until our next sunny adventure!

~Angela, Chris and kids






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