Hot Dogs on a Stick

 “Through the Cattails”

A Bird’s View of our Family

You call them hot dogs; I call them my home
A place to seek refuge from people who roam.
Hidden from view, I chirp time to time
I’m here; I exist; watch me soar; watch me climb.

Admire my journey and savor my wonder
Our world is unfolding through sunshine and thunder.
Look at me, over here, from you over there
Come to me, arms open, and I’ll show you I care.

My wings may be small, but they’re mighty and fast
Don’t blink now or you’ll miss me fly past.
Your future within grasp, this horizon is yours
Run with me wildly; let us play on these shores.

We’ve brought with us nothing, but hours, it seems
But this is the place we envision our dreams.
Over marsh and through mud, we push on and fly high
We’re in this together ’til grass becomes sky.




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  1. Hahaha, I read the poem before watching the video and strained without success to understand the poetic hot dog part. After a few seconds of the video, I understood!

    Another wonderful artistic post from the Kuhn’s!

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