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Imagine living in a place so rich with earth’s beauty, you marvel at its wonders when you least expect it: You leave a grocery store, drive over an overpass, walk the kids to school, good mood, bad mood, BAM! The mountains are RIGHT THERE snow-capped and rocky; the trees surround you, evergreen year-round; saltwater, beaches, rushing rivers, trails, back country, wetlands and sanctuaries, ADVENTURES, all minutes–an hour–away.

Paradise, right? YES. Truly. And so you live; you stay in our beloved Pacific Northwest, waiting, hopeful for three months of sun. Rainy windowpanes, gloomy skies, drizzle that soaks you completely, chilly bones, you wait. You know what’s coming. Summer in the PNW cannot be beat; the happiness quotient increases; people live life outdoors; they GO PLACES.

But what if you didn’t have to wait? What if you searched for the sun? What if, even for a brief moment, it was shining somewhere? No matter the cold; no matter the season; no matter the unknown, what if you just picked up and went there?

You would probably find us, a real-life, spontaneous family, SEARCHING FOR SUN on even the dreariest days. We always find it. And you should, too.

Follow us as we explore, live life, and savor the small things, from pigtails to rainbows in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.   ~Angela & Chris 

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